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GimmeBrows Semi Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Services

GimmeBrows is beauty start-up specializing in semi-permanent make up and eye lash extensions founded by Kayla Luxa.

As a mother of two curious daughters, Kayla is constantly put to test for creativity and innovative ideas to keep them entertained. Art, beauty, and creativity have always been at her core since she was young. Being a teacher for many years, her motivation to learn persists through her artwork today. She strives for continual learning and sets no limit for herself, always dedicating time to acquire new techniques and ways for self-improvement. As a result, she demands nothing but perfection in her work.  

Passionate in everything she does, she aspires to help others look and feel confident. Taking pride in her work, she strives for perfection, even if that means staying those extra hours. Being a good listener is a trait that she’s kept since her teaching years as she is always willing to listen to her clients’ concerns and go the extra mile to help them achieve their desired look. It is both fulfilling and rewarding for her to see those she's helped completely enamored with the results of her work and dedication. 

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